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Our mission is to provide the greater Vergennes area the highest quality, and where possible, the closest to home, grown cannabis that Vermont has to offer, in whatever form of consumption our guests desire. We aim to please, educate and work collaboratively with our industry partners to showcase their products and get them in the hands of the 420 friendly community.


The Little City Greens Story

Alyson and her husband Mike migrated to Vergennes over a decade ago due to its location, smack dab in the middle of their respective jobs at the time, Burlington and Middlebury. They immediately fell in love with the vibrant small town, boasting everything one needs within the 1 square mile “Little City.” It wasn’t long before they realized Vergennes was the perfect spot for them to settle in, start a family, work, and insert themselves into the thriving community.

Soon after the birth of their first child, the stressors of life started to rear their ugly heads. Alyson fell victim to postpartum stress disorder and was having a hard time sleeping without sleep aids that made her feel groggy and unable to parent at full capacity. Mike decided to put his long time passion for cannabis to use by growing their own medicine. Through trial and error, relief was eventually found in the form of lucky #7 (not a cultivar, his literal 7th grow), leading to uninterrupted sleep, better mental health, better parenting, and a happy family of 4, plus 2 dogs.

It wasn’t until an anniversary snowboarding trip to British Columbia that they realized they could make a career out of the things they love, spreading joy and happiness through the healing powers of cannabis. Upon their return to VT, they got to work putting together a vision for Little City Greens, a local mom and pot shop located in the heart of historic downtown Vergennes.

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